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Website Optimisation


Search engine submission

We will immediately submit your web site to all the major search engine databases used in the UK and internationally.

Directory Submission

We will immediately start link building by submitting your web site to directories.

Identify search phrases

We will discuss with you what you are trying to achieve with your web site. By discussing this, researching what people actually search for, analysing your competition and using our years of experience we can find the best words and phrases for your web site to be listed under, to bring you the most relevant traffic.

Analysis of web site

We will analyse your web site from a search engine perspective. This will highlight why search engines may not list your web site highly under certain words and phrases. This analysis can take a few days to complete, depending on your web site.

Identify solutions to problems

We will identify amendments that will enable your web site to rank highly on search engines. These amendments will be mostly to do with the source code of your web site, which is behind the scenes. We will then discuss your options and agree what changes should be implemented.


We will monitor the performance of your web site throughout your relationship with us and send you regular reports. These reports will list the position of your web site in each of the major search engines. This enables us and you to know exactly how your web site is performing.